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Operations & Maintenance

Event Operations

Planning the successful delivery of your event.

Our event operations managers are some of the most professional, knowledgeable and passionate people in the industry with a proven track record of leading cross-functional venue teams and event operations during all stages of the event lifecycle. Our operations teams have been responsible for the event operations delivery for some of the world’s most iconic venues and demanding events.

Operations & Maintenance

Event Operations is the department responsible for co-ordinating and integrating all other operations within an event and its associated venues.

Our event operations managers are given the job to assist event organisers, host cities and organising committees to plan and deliver your successful event and it requires knowledge, expertise and a sound understanding of all functional areas of the event.

All of our event operations managers have come from the coalface of event operations and their passion is the key to our success. They understand what works and what doesn’t whilst still remaining flexible and adaptable to accept new innovations and methodologies.

In addition to leading cross functional venue teams and event operations during all phases of the event lifecycle, our event operations managers are also responsible for ensuring that events comply with the safety regulations and licensable activities within event venues.

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